Melanie Jeanne

A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was a perfect weekend.


Friday was filled with friends, family time, and dancing with my two left feet. My friends/my co-workers – they are amazing. This Friday, to cap off an ordinary week, we ate pizza together at Uno’s. That is all it takes.
I adore my family. They are the rocks that keep my helium balloon from floating away. We spent the evening finalizing flower girl dresses and eating Red Baron personal peperoni pizzas. My sister and I laughed while T and my dad drank beer and my mom had to clarify old memories. My nieces surrounded us like images of our past. They fight just as hard as my sister and I once did. The laughter and the love was in full effect.
T and I went to Club Mardi Gras to cap the night off. We met one of my favorite work people and together with her and her friends we enjoyed a night of listening to the bosses band. To end the night she convinced me to dance, did I mention I have two left feet? Guess who noticed, you betcha, the boss. 🙂


Saturday was filled with errands of the wedding kind. I picked up my veil and the invitations. Then I headed to my folks and we hung out. We chatted and sat pool side while reading magazines. After an afternoon visit I headed to get the good ‘ol oil changed in my green machine.
The evening capped off with dinner and jogging with the Mr. PS- today Zoe got her first shave… Oh, boy is she adorable (pictures to come).


Sunday – Chore day. Laundry day. Grocery day. After an early morning filled with the most unattractive chores I headed to the folks house yet again (they have a pool and I consider them to be my best friends). It’s sweltering here, so hot, that summer days are filled pool side. With a job that consumes my week days, my weekends are the only pool fun I get to have. So, I basked in the opportunity and spent the mid-morning through the mid-afternoon on a floatie in the pool. Finally, I did our weekend grocery shop and headed home. The weekend ended with another amazing night with the Mr. He cooked dinner and then we jogged.


I also happened to fit the first season of Sex & the City into my all too busy, pool lounging, schedule.

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