Melanie Jeanne

I Dwell

When things happen, I dwell. I replay instances in my head over and over again, thinking through how it went wrong or how it could have gone better.
This morning is a perfect example of me dwelling. The story is long, but I’ll try to shorten – essentially what hap pend was I embarrassed myself in front of my co-worker as well as his wife… I fell flat on my face, my dogs were rowdy and all the while I was concerned about what they were thinking. Now in hind-sight we all have moments of sheer embarrassment, I’ve had many…
Is it natural to ponder (dwell in my case) after the fact? When has the pondering gone too far? When do you just chalk up your embarrassing moment to life and get over it? When does the pang of embarrassment go away? And do people judge us as much as we judge ourselves?
Tomorrow is a new day and as Kylee said “Today will be just a memory.” – thank goodness.

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