Melanie Jeanne

Ice Hockey

The sport I love… If you had a chance to watch this evenings Stanley Cup Finals game (heading into OT 3 right now), you may understand. The agility, the heart, and the strength of these men in skates on ice is amazing. There is something about the game that inspires me and motivates me. I’ve loved hockey for quite sometime now, making sure I’ve made it to almost every opening season game since 2001 and in 2002-2003 making it to every home game the Coyotes had (unfortunately a career and a mortgage has changed my priorities).
I have many fond memories of Hockey (even here in AZ). To list a few: Whiteout 2002 & making it down to the Coyotes locker room, my autographed Coyotes shirt, opening night October 2003, hand selecting my tickets for opening night and seeing the training facility as well as the locker room, 3 Doors Down – only Robin understands, Sparks in the car ride to the game, Glendale Arena opening night, more Sparks and many more memories.
Thank you for the memories and for one more reason why I love this game… Here’s to a bigger and better 2008-2009 season. And maybe a trip to Canada as my dad suggests.
PS – I have great suggestions on books about the game and a few all time favorite movies as well… just ask.
QUICK UPDATE: The Penguins won. A goal from Sykora well into the 3 OT during a 4 minute penalty on the Red Wings… Game 6 in two days back in Pitt.

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