Melanie Jeanne

Is Timing Everything?

Is timing everything? Does timing affect how your life turns out? Today at work we had many interesting conversations and timing seemed to be the theme.
We discussed the timing of careers – what it takes to get where you want to. The timing of relationships – do any of us believe in forever? The timing for lunch – because it never arrives soon enough.
So, I pose this question to you: Is timing everything? I am an individual who is quite loyal, that being said, does that translate into wearing out my welcome.
With work, do things happen for a reason, is the timing always right or possibly never right? Do people really know when it is the perfect time to expand, leave, further educate themselves?
In relationships, can we really chalk our past up to imperfect timing? If so, what about those individuals that find one another after 20, 30 , 40 years and fall in love all over again? Does our past ever really go away? How can a relationship be perfect and truly only fail because “the timing wasn’t right”? How can the timing be the only thing that is wrong with a relationship and yet we are willing to walk away? And if we are willing to walk away specifically because the timing wasn’t right, what does that say about our present and possibly future relationships – are they all in jeopardy of failing?

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