Melanie Jeanne

Monsoon Season

I am what most consider an “Arizona Native”. I have lived here for 21 years and love every moment of what we consider seasons here. After a long 100 degree summer I love the cool of fall that turns to the chill of winter and then transitions to the warmth of spring. I know it sounds crazy to discuss seasons occurring in a state, when in actuality there are two – Summer and Fall, but in a world that tops out at 120 degrees, 50 degrees can be considered winter to me. My favorite season of all is quickly approaching, the night skies show signs of an early arrival and my heart is thrilled to see the clouds roll over the mountain – the season – monsoon season. It occurs mainly in the month of August and it is the most magnificent season of all. As of recently the skies have been filled with lightening, but no rain. In August, after a day of swimming in a cloud covered pool, the temperature 100+ degrees outside, when the clouds turn grey and the rain begins, my heart soars. It is thrilling and amazing to experience an Arizona monsoon. Yes, it has its dangers, but boy is it beautiful. The temperatures do not change, there is just a cover of dust, then rain, then lightening, then an amazing lightening and thunder storm. The air smells of desert and heat. It is pure beauty and I am so looking forward to the first storm of the season.

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