Melanie Jeanne

Movie Review: Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe: This is one I think you should definitely watch, maybe, if you want to. I am sappy and I love happy endings. This movie is truly for me. Though at times the movie slowed down, the journey was fun. T laughed out loud to many of the witty comments and replies Ryan Reynolds shoots off throughout the movie.
Though portions of the movie are unrealistic and the reality of make-ups and break-ups is tricky and all too often unique to the individual, the movie does hit on the emotion and the ebb and flow of relationships. The movie also hints at the idea of never knowing where our journey will take us.
The movie is sweet and the foreshadowing is clear, but the message above all is why this movie was a hit for me. It was a great Sunday evening flick with the one you love when heading to bed.

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