Melanie Jeanne

Mr. Big

It’s that time again… Big and Carrie… I am looking forward to it. So, I pose this question – Does every girl have a “Big” – that guy that got away? And does every “Big” have a Carrie – the girl they just can’t shake?
My friends and I have lovingly, through the years, labeled those guys that were never meant to be “Big”. We still reference them at times as past memories and great times. That being said – without knowing the way Sex & the City – the movie ends, will our reference have to change? Will we have to find a different Big? Will what we once felt was a reference to the one that got away/the one never meant to be, be entirely wrong?
Interesting how something so minor has meant so much… a label, something so simple as a label to reference the past… What shall we do. 🙂

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