Melanie Jeanne

My Favorite … Pen

There is a lot in life to fret over… There are many things that can be considred “pet peeves” or frustrations.
Today, instead of dwelling on those frustrations I am paying tribute to my favorite brand of pen and for that matter my favorite pen. I like the way it writes. I love the thickness of the ink on the paper and the consistency in which the ink comes out of the pen. It is an oldie, but certainly a goodie. Now, I must say, I am a fan of all pens. I have a cup full of Sharpie’s and I am willing to try an pen out once. I love colorful pens and gel pens. I love highlighters and markers. I color with crayons and colored pencils with my nieces. But, for work purposes I favor these pens. The other day my last pen ran out of ink, time to get to the store and buy a new bag/box of pens.

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