Melanie Jeanne

My FIRST House

My parents are planning on moving from my childhood house. The house in which I was raised. The house where I brought my first boyfriend, had my first all night phone call. The house where I got ready for prom and celebrated more than half of my birthdays. The house where I had my first bedroom that I did not have to share. The house where I tried alcohol for the first time. The house that I threw my first house-party at. The house where a lot of late night kisses took place. The house where I broke my arm. The house where I learned of my thyroid disease. The house where I recovered from many illnesses and broken hearts.
It is the house in which all major life events took place for me. It is the backyard where I learned how to run track (it’s quite a large backyard), I learned how to hit with a bat and pitch a softball. It is the neighborhood where I started to babysit and where I learned to drive. It is the house where I laid out pool side for 18 years and swam laps to prepare for swim team. This is the house where my sister and I grew up and where family still comes home to for the holidays. This is the house where love, laughter, honesty, and life were in abundance.
I hope for the best for my folks, they deserve all the offers this world can provide. I will miss this house and all of it’s memories.

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