Melanie Jeanne

My Kids

My two favorite photography subjects – Lucky Dog & Zo-ster (Zoe). I love my dogs as they bring joy and love into my life that I could have never imagined without them. Walking in everyday after work and knowing these two could care less about everything the world has delivered and love me all the same.


The greeting is so genuine and the love so real. Some of my favorite things about these two:

1. Zoe’s meal time dance – she spins in circles and bounces.

2. Lucky’s passion for keeping me safe

3. The love they share for one another – they kiss before bed

4. The way they cuddle at bedtime as well as my morning kisses

5. Their paws – I LOVE doggie paws…


Zoe’s paw


Zoe-dog all snuggly and cuddly

Lucky’s Paw

Lucky half asleep on the bed

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