Melanie Jeanne


“Big Brown trainer pins blame on jockey” … of course he does… Why wouldn’t he? The sport which captured my attention on Saturday afternoon has again got a grip on me. This time, not because of the excitement and beauty of these creatures, but because blame is being placed on the jockey for the horses lack of success.


Now, I am no expert, but at this point I must rant… Kent Desormeaux made a comment on Saturday that I commend – he said he knew the horse was not going to come in fifth so he eased up. Now, as a lover of all animals I must say that I welcomed this comment. Recently too many horses have died. Too many for my likes at least. And while most in this sporting world don’t know why a horse projected to place first, instead placed last. I, I’m okay with it. I am okay that the horse was not pushed so hard it hurt. I am okay that the horse was not pushed to the point of breaking. Now, I may be 100% wrong in my assessment, but today I am pleased that one more amazing horse is left alive and angered that rather than be grateful for the success the horse did have, there is blame for what is deemed a failure.
Maybe next year we’ll see a triple crown, maybe not, do I care… nope as long as there are healthy horses I am a happy viewer.

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