Melanie Jeanne

Oh, What a Night

Tonight’s a big deal. A big deal in my house at least… Tonight is the night for a sports enthusiast. More accurate – a hockey enthusiast. And in my house, at least one of us is.
I am looking forward to seeing gloves fly and pucks soar. This is a tough one because I have no favorites. Detroit happens to be my place of birth, in which case I should be 100% loyal. However, I have an affinity for the “under dog” and the Penguins in general. I’ve met a couple of their players and a connection makes for a stronger loyalty to a team. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see a team that has not been deemed “good” for ages win it all over a team that has always played at the top of the league? I think I’d like that. Either way, if tonight is anywhere near as action packed as Monday’s game, we’ll all be in for a treat

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