Melanie Jeanne

A Little Luck for Lucky

Our little Lucky Dog is our little sickly dog. He has had a lot of close moments and as of this weekend we mark the third (maybe fourth) week in a row in which he has thrown up. We are heading to the vet tomorrow for our one year check up as well as a Lucky Dog check up. We think his problem is that nearly anything in site he eats and ends up in his belly. He has officially eaten two sets of mini blinds, two pillows, the batting out of all three quilts, a couple pens, any mail that is in his reach – the list could go on. We are going to have the vet check to ensure that nothing is obstructing his passages. He had a rough day and it always scares me when he has a rough day.
Lucky dog is my baby and Zoe is my little girl. It’s tough being a mommy. Fingers crossed, tomorrow goes well.

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