Melanie Jeanne

Love it! I’ve been on the hunt for this book for roughly a month. I want to use an excerpt out of it for the reading during our wedding. Barnes & Noble (out), Borders (out), Target (wouldn’t carry it if I begged them to – too old and too vintage)… so Amazon here I come. I look forward to receiving the book by weeks end and I will certainly loop you in on the top five love letters we are picking from. I am thrilled to have finally found this book.
On another wedding note… As it has been mentioned on this blog multiple times – our wedding has been themed to incorporate our love for movies (in the most subtle ways possible)… Today, I thought of another neat way to incorporate our passion. All movies have soundtracks – instead of asking our friends to leave wishes behind we are going to ask them to add to the soundtrack of our lives and then create an iTunes playlist for our pods. I’m excited and such a dork!

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