Melanie Jeanne

Best 4th Thus Far…

This 4th of July happens to be the best 4th I think I’ve had. The day started slow – sleeping in and catching up on some slumber. When T got home we decided to go to the community pool and swim a bit. T jumped in the pool with his phone in his pocket which led to us going phone shopping mid-afternoon. After upgrades to our phones and finally getting our phones on a family plan we headed home to BBQ with my folks. My folks came over and we cooked up some hot dogs and hung out chit-chatting. My folks left before sun down and our friends arrived. We all hung out a bit awaiting the cabs arrival (too crazy to get into Tempe via ones vehicle, also much more safe). We all piled into the cab and headed to Mill Ave. We stopped to admire the fireworks show and headed to RA. At RA we indulged in some late night sushi and Saki Bombers. I may have indulged a little too much on the Saki.
Such a great day! Fun with T, fun with my folks, and tremendous fun with our friends.

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