Melanie Jeanne

Buttoning Things Up…

So we are in full countdown swing here. Last night I spent a couple hours with my dear friend stuffing invite envelopes. Stuffing and stamping sure made the wedding come to life. It will only be a matter of time before we are receiving responses and that is thrilling.
I will not be sending out the invites for another couple weeks, but when help is offered, help is accepted.
I must say, this thrills me. I am excited. Truly all that is left are the minor details. We must purchase candy (the black and white sucker will hold name/table tags and be provided as one of the favors), we need to purchase sparklers, I need to start the dress fitting process and T needs to get fitted for his tux. Otherwise, we are done. YIPEE! Too bad November 8th is so far away. Now it is time to enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor.

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