Melanie Jeanne

Family Tree

We are on the brink of having our very own family tree,T and me. It is crazy how one evening sharing dinner with “family” can enlighten one so much. I love all the odd branches that make up our tree. I love our quirky elders, our angry extended family members, those so close they can see right through to the next set of leaves and of course all the new fresh baby leaves. I love my family to the roots and I love T’s family to the roots, but learning to love all the quirks, this is the tricky part.
Daily there are struggles. It is sometimes a struggle within a family to find and realize your place in the tree. I think I struggle with this most of all. I look to all my family members and I feel like their roles are so well defined and s if they know the exact placement of their branch within the tree. Me, not so much.

I will continue to search for my place within the two trees of our families and when I reach my resting spot, I will be pleased and happy, until then, it is just a continued journey that I must learn to enjoy.

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