Melanie Jeanne

Friday Night – PRETTY RAD


Written as an extension to “When the cat’s away”…

The girls will play… My friend Julie and I decided to take matters into our own hands. Though our men were away we were not going to wallow or let their absence prevent us from having a good time. So instead, we went to RA Tempe for dinner and then headed to Scottsdale to drink with our friend Tara at Saddle Ranch. We ran into one of my most RAD co-workers and turned the night into an event. We stayed out until 2am laughing and drinking and enjoying the company of roughly 12 taken men. What a great combo – 3 taken women and 12 taken men, it makes for an easy going night of joking, chit-chatting and laughing.

Though I’d rather spend time with T than any other man in the world – this was a great night, with great women and funny men. We definitely took our Vegas lemons and turned them into Scottsdale lemonade.

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