Melanie Jeanne


… for new FRIENDS! I have a group now (I’ve never really been part of a group) and we call ourselves the Quad. I am grateful to have three new people in my life that I can use as my “bumper lanes” (they’ll get that) and bounce off of in hard times, bounce ideas off of in a general sense and hang around with because that makes me happy. Work is work, but with friends like these at work, it is something to look forward to.
… for new challenges. I would never want to live my life not challenging myself and my beliefs or my boundaries.
… for T. He truly fills me with all consuming love and joy. I am so lucky to have found a man that can endure my crazy OCD’s and love me after all is said and done.
… for WINE. It sooths the soul during hard times.
… for the movies as they are our escape.

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