Melanie Jeanne

Lucky & T

Lucky and T are heading to the vet this am. They are going to get Lucky checked out. He has been a mystery for the past week or so. Our baby has been getting sick twice a day since Saturday. The crazy thing is the way in which it has affected his attitude. The dilemma is that through this past year we’ve had multiple road blocks with our little man and we know the emergency signs: Runny nose, drooling, hot pits, moist paw pads, irregular bowel movements (sorry about that one…) – none of the emergency signs have occured. But, nonetheless something is surely wrong. He has had a bad attitude while eating and just after getting sick everyday. An attitude in which he is confrontational and nasty, but it quickly passes and then he returns to being loving and playing with his sister Zoe. I wish them well on their journey to Dr. Beth’s office and I hope that all of my notes on the past couple of days help to solve the mystery. For now I can only hope it is nothing serious and the our little man just likes to eat too many things that don’t belong in his belly. I’ll keep you posted.

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