Melanie Jeanne

Lucky & the Bumblebee

Lucky & Zoe were outside last night playing in the backyard – our patio. They were on a mission and chasing something around the yard at top speed. Noses to the ground, noses in the air, noses back to the ground. I finally had to see for myself what was pleasing them into a tizzy. I opened the door and saw a big bumblebee laying right in front of me. I hurried them in the house, ensuring to cover the bee with the empty doggie water bowl (they were far too interested to let it go & T is deathly allergic to bees). Moments later Lucky jumped up on the bed to cuddle and there it was – proof that the bee won. His lip, big & fat & swollen. I contacted the animal hospital. We iced his lip and this morning all is great. But, boy in hind sight that was sure funny.

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