Melanie Jeanne

My Hair

My hair is bugging me! It used to be extremely long, then I had a wild hair 4 years ago and chopped it off prior to my travels through Europe. That worked for a while. About a year ago, I got yet another wild hair and decided I was going to further chop it to mimic Victoria Beckham. This was an amazing cut, that garnered many compliments and definitely built up my self esteem. Well, fast forward to now… I miss my long hair. The hair that can do anything. The hair that can be put at the top of my head, twisted around a clip, and ponied so that it looks sleek and professional or hip and relaxed. Since I miss my hair and T much prefers long hair, I’ve started to grow out my magnificent bob… Now it is an awkward kind of short, kind of long length. Nothing to be proud of and certainly nothing that could be considered a style.
The cost of beauty can be so frustrating. When it’s short I miss the long hair. When it’s long I miss the finished polish of my short hair.
Oy vey.

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