Melanie Jeanne

New Rug – Bargain Find

We got a new rug today. It is a fun rug. T says it is circa 1970. I kind of agree. It is a bargain find from Target (my favorite store). The rug was a bargain and was needed as our Pergo floors needed a little love. My mom and I found this rug and realized that it pulled all of the colors of our house into one room. It is lovely and affordable. Plus, most of our furniture is square and masculine – this rug softens the room. It sure isn’t Crate & Barrel, but it will do. Plus, knowing our dogs… it will get ruined. You will notice that the blinds in the background are a bit mangled – Lucky & Zoe use this little hole created by their noses as their peep hole out to the world.
Gotta love dogs that destroy things and new home accents!

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