Melanie Jeanne

What a Knight…


I am just about the only individual who could find a reason to cry like a sap in a Batman movie. I must say, I literally was sitting at the edge of my seat for the entire movie. It was bone chilling and scary, and it was amazing. I wanted the movie to end because I needed to find out the outcome, but I didn’t want it to end ever because I truly didn’t want to see Heath Ledger’s performance come to an end.

I’ve been a fan of Heath Ledger’s since 10 Things I Hate About You and I had incredibly mixed emotions heading to this film. I did not want to see the joker die in the movie because I felt that it would be too real and too morbid, but when watching the movie, all I wanted was for the Joker to be brought to justice. The beauty of this film was not only that the performances were absolutely superb, but the threads of humor that were intertwined into an otherwise fearful script were perfectly placed and perfectly delivered.
Heath Ledger’s performance – truly worth all of the buzz surrounding it. Christian Bale’s performance – perfect. The emotion within the acting has convinced me to see the third installment of Christian Bale as Batman.

If you’ve seen it – let me know what you thought… If you’re headed there soon, come back and given me your thoughts.

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