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Been Busy…

Since July 17th work has kept me busy, really busy. It is generally a busy that I love, but I have recognized my brain just doesn’t work as of late. I am having a hard time jumping in, but also a hard time giving up. It is a weird situation to be in and I think it stems from the fact that I just love working. I feed off of it, I thrive in the environment and I enjoy my coworkers thoroughly. *** Photos from my most recent business trip – the room was luxurious, but don’t tell them I said that. 🙂


Since July 17th I have also traveled more than usual. Taking a personal (which turned to working remotely sometimes) trip to DC for a family whirlwind extravaganza. It was non-stop fun and family – but I am needing a vacation from my vacation. I then took a whirlwind business trip to LA for two days.


Finally, I am back in my work chair – for two weeks and then I am off to Portland for a four day shoot with a group of my favorite guys.


In October I travel to San Antonio for a dear friends wedding.
And finally I take my very own 11 day break for my wedding and honeymoon in November.


If only I flew Southwest for work as well as fun – I’d have tons of miles racked up… Here’s to a very busy four months… And to a rant that explains all the things I love. It may be strange, but I thrive in this chaos. That is not to say I don’t enjoy peace, because I do. But, this life is worth living to the fullest and right now – I’m full.

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