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37 Days…

37 days from today I will be Mrs. Thornton. I know I usually post on the 30 day mark, but this post is unique. This past weekend I had my very first Bachelorette Party (there will be a second one occuring through work) and I had a blast! I think I laughed more, I drank more and I enjoyed myself more than I EVER have.
My sister and my bridesmaids did an amazing job pulling together a wonderful party. The presentation at the party was amazing and the dinner and bar hopping was even more fun .
I rode the bull at Saddle Ranch and drank loads of tequila at Loco Patron. The evening was a hit and I suggest all women get married – or throw a fabulous party for yourself.
It is an amazing feeling to be loved by your friends and family.

37 days…

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