Melanie Jeanne

How Sweet it is to be Loved by YOU…

The candy for the wedding has been ordered. It is official, we are 18 days and a couple surely frightening moments away from the wedding.

I have been very contemplative as of late. There are so many things I need to remember to do that I’m forgetting the most important… I need to remember to enjoy these scary moments because come November 9th I will be a married woman and I will miss the hustle and bustle that has been the past 10 months.
I have been thinking about my last name a lot as of late. I have no reason to keep the last name I have, it is just that, a name. A name in which I’ve never been attached to and I have never let define me. But, thinking of it changing has definitely been the most scary of all things. I feel that I will miss being at the beginning of the alphabet. It will be weird to suddenly be at the end. I will no longer be MJA, but MJT. I am thrilled to be MJT, but this will definitely take some adjusting to.
Also, we recently had all of our final meetings with the DJ and the Father and finalizing the details has been an awesome process of official decisions. Well, that’s enough about that – the good thing, the candy is ordered.

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