Melanie Jeanne

Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009


Goodbye 2008:

Thank you for what can only be explained as the best year of my life to date. January started with the excitement of an impending wedding and all the planning that follows. February followed with a new puppy and a new co-worker, which would lead to a new amazing friendship. March, we went to Barbados for what was the shortest week of my life and the most amazing vacation thus far. April was the one year anniversary for two of my favorite couples. May brought a new baby into the lives of all of my college girlfriends. June was a month with many celebrations – birthday celebrations. July marked the month all the planning for the wedding was done, now just time to relax and enjoy the time. August was family vacation month, sightseeing around DC with the entire clan. September was an exceptional month – with an amazing commercial shoot in Portland & two fabulous bridal showers as well as an amazing party. October, the Soon-to-Be Thornton’s watched the Casteneda’s gorgeous wedding in San Antonio. November was a month filled with LOVE. T & I were married on 11.8.08 and had the most amazing time with all of our family and friends. Our Kauai honeymoon followed with an amazing 8 days beach side. And finally we reached December – the first holiday season as a family that was spent with my entire immediate family for the first time in years.

This has been the most amazing year. I’ve experienced more love, more joy and more life than ever before. 2008 was truly an amazing year.

Hello 2009:

For 2009 I vow to smile often, laugh frequently and love unconditionally. Appreciate every moment as the memories shape you and the moments often pass too quickly. I vow to cuddle my dogs everyday and enjoy their enthusiasm for life – they can teach amazing lessons to us if we let them. I vow to hold on to happiness and not let worry and sadness outweigh all the amazing. I vow to show my family, my friends and my peers just how much I appreciate each and everyone of them for they help me be a better me.

Here’s to an amazing 2009 for all!!

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