Melanie Jeanne

My Dogs are Channeling Marley

HAPPY THANKSGIVING… It should have been written in the flour. After a long day of spending time with family at our Thanksgiving festivities we arrived home certain there would be a mess to clean. Not knowing how large of a mess we were about to walk in on was the question we were debating. Well, the dogs had a doozy waiting inside, the best part… the only thing we could possibly do was laugh until our sides hurt.
Why two dogs would prefer to tear into the flour versus the sugar was beyond me… possibly the level of fun was determined prior to the destruction. But, walking in on two dogs covered in flour, with white paw prints throughout the entire house made our Thanksgiving evening very entertaining. The pups were quite thirsty and the flour was very difficult to clean up.

All in all a perfect night of channeling Marley… I think they read the book.



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