Melanie Jeanne

A New Passion – Cooking

I thought I was a baker. I thought all I could do in the kitchen was prepare boxed ingredients and desserts. Well, I’ve proven myself wrong… I can cook. I can cook good and I like to cook. We are exploring new recipes often and we are learning new meals and how to cook them together. I enjoy every moment of it, I enjoy laughing with T in the kitchen when things aren’t quite right and I love high-fiving when we complete the meal and are proud of one another for what we’ve just prepared. The bond it creates is immeasurable and the joy it brings is irreplaceable.
It is also allowing me to build confidence in the kitchen and realize that some day, when we have a family of more than two, I will be able to prepare dinner for the family. It also builds my confidence to have family and friend parties where I prepare the meal.
We can cook enchiladas, polish meatballs, tuna casserole, spaghetti and meat balls and some mean desserts…
I’ll keep you posted.

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