Melanie Jeanne

My Dog Peeps

And you see… this is our built in security and our little peeping pup.

His size is abnormally large, his heart is extraordinarily full and his zest for life is infinite. When you put the three together you have the above. He is built lean and tall with fierce strength. His heart is full of love and protection for his family. His zest, well, it is quite zesty…

Combining all three translates to one curious beast. We have these planter boxes surrounding our back patio. One allows Lucky to look into our neighbors backyard and the other allows him to peer into a pass through between houses. The curious thing is that he could probably scale the wall and be gone, however he loves us and just wants to see out into the world.

Though it is potentially a problem and one which we should control, I do find it quite endearing that my pooch is who he his.

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