Melanie Jeanne

My Goals

I have had some time to evaluate my goals and dreams. I’ve had some time to realize what is most important to me and I’ve taken the time to create my living Bucket List….

1. Make the perfect cupcake. It needs to be dense, moist, frosted (but not too frosted), heavy but also light & delicious.
2. Travel with my hubby frequently. I want to continue to explore until I’m old and grey and I want to see the world through a tourists eyes always.
3. Learn how to take a compelling picture that speaks volumes about the situation, the person, the scenery, etc
4. Buy a house with a basement and a large backyard. The basement will be built into a movie theater (it’s our passion) and the backyard will become the best playground for the dogs and someday our kids.
5. Build physical fitness into a regularly scheduled event. I want to enjoy working out as much as possible, staying physically fit while enjoying the activity to the fullest.
6. Decorate my house to be warm, inviting, cozy, a reflection of us.

The list will grow, as they always do, but the journey will be enjoyable and the documentation humorous.
What is your working Bucket List?

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