Melanie Jeanne

Summer Series 2009

I have always been a walker… and more recently become a jogger…
Well, it has happened, I am now a more competitive jogger. I recently started signing up to compete in runs. Starting with a 6k, reducing to Pat’s Run (a 4.2 miler) and most recently signing up for the “Summer Series”.
The “Summer Series” is a set of five 5k’s that will be run early morning throughout the summer here in AZ. The goal of the series is to allow competitive runners an opportunity to continue running in the summer months, while also trying/succeeding in improving their minute per mile time.
I do not love running, but I do love the feeling of acccomplishment it allows. I love knowing I completed a goal. I love talking myself over hills, through gravel and down paths. I love not letting myself, let me down. This and only this is the reason I run…
1 down, 4 to go.

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