Melanie Jeanne

Swing Sets


Swing sets… my childhood sanctuary, my teenage escape and as an adult, a memory.

As a child it is the location I ran to play… to soar high into the sky, to imagine, to take risk, to feel air flying by and to dream big. It is where most dreams were safe and most laughter occurred. It is where I jumped from as high as I could fly and still landed with a cushion of sand beneath my feet.

As a teenager it is where I ran when sad… to experience the high, the low, the joy and the thrill. I found safety in my neighborhood swing set. It could mend a broken heart and heel an injured soul. The wind flowing through my hair and the joy of jumping made me realize that all troubles can and will go away and all heartache will heal.

As an adult it is a metaphor of my life. Though I appreciate the new ways in which I spiritually fulfill myself and the new spiritual challenges I present myself with, I can always turn back to that swing set and soar. Now I like to work through the questions and challenges, now I like to feel the pain and the joy, now I like to live my life, not wish for it to change. The swings used to be my escape… now I escape within myself to better know myself. However, I will always find the ability to swing and get lost…

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