Melanie Jeanne

28 Years, 28 Lessons…

28 Years, 28 Lessons:

1. Laugh… it makes the embarrassing moments livable and the rest of life far more enjoyable

2. Love unconditionally… never save the love you have to give, when given out, it comes back to you ten fold.

3. Give it your best shot… success is not always guaranteed, but the reward for the effort is invaluable.

4. Eat what you like, life’s too short to restrict yourself.

5. Treat yourself just as good as you’d treat another.

6. Indulge in those things that you love… Shoes, kickball, cozy sweatshirts on winter nights, jogs on beaches… all indulgences make life more fulfilling.

7. Watch your favorite movie over and over, it always seems to get better with time.

8. Never go to bed in a fight.

9. Always say I love you when ending a conversation on the phone with a loved one or when leaving a loved ones house.

10. Eat cookie dough every chance you get – childhood should not be forgotten.

11. Splurge on pedicures and facials – the body deserves it.

12. Embrace your quirks.

13. Enjoy your pets through every cuddle and every mishap.

14. Read… to fill the mind with knowledge and fantasy is divine.

15. Listen… those things that others say may impact your life and your beliefs.

16. Think before you speak… words can be forgiven, but often not forgotten.

17. Wear white in the winter.

18. Challenge yourself – to try new things, to think outside the box, to live outside your comfort zone occasionally.

19. Don’t forget your fruits & veggies.

20. A new piece of furniture can often times be a new lease on life.

21. Play in the rain…

22. Kiss like you mean it.

23. Remain loyal to friends and family through good & bad.

24. Schedule alone time… a moment of quiet can change the outcome of the entire day.

25. See the silver lining.

26. Participate in sport… even if you’re not great, your body will thank you.

27. Don’t sweat the small stuff, energies should not be wasted on those things we cannot change.

28. Dream big, dream often.

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