Melanie Jeanne

Dunkin Donuts

Some people love Mac’s, some people love to hike, others advocate for a a certain restaurant… I, I advocate for a donut.
In my humble (yet 100% right) opinion, Dunkin Donuts is THE BEST donut shop. And I am so pleased to see the donut giant has re-branded itself in such a successful manor.
The stores are inviting, the selection is larger, the customer service is good and the donuts remain the same.
I loved Dunkins as a child, everyday once my mom and I dropped my sister off at school we would head to Dunkies for a box of munchkins, then off to our daily adventures of raking leaves and play at the house. Then as I aged it became more and more of a treat and less of a daily dose. Now in my late 20’s (gasp), I am so pleased to return to the daily routine.
I make a habit to test donuts at every opportunity I get and believe that my taste buds are accurate in concluding that Dunkins makes the best donuts. Krispy Kreme makes a wonderful original donut, yet it only tastes good when warmed and the remainder of their selection is far to sweet and sugary. Grocery stores sure take a stab at the donut making, but seem to miss the mark, as they make mini cakes with icing and call them donuts. The icing always tastes a bit off and the cake is dense. Boutique donut shops are great for out of the box flavors and selections… But, Dunkies, Dunkies makes the best overall selection The donuts remain light and fluffy and the icing is sweet without tasting like sugar crystals. They keep the classic while spicing things up with the managers special. They’ve expanded their menu to include breakfast sammies and some even offer lunch sammies.
Overall, the draw to Dunkies is specifically this… from Michigan to New York. From Arizona to Washington State. From Illinois to DC… The donuts taste the same. Without a doubt, without question, I know for sure that the donut I select will taste like the donut I want.
Thank you Dunkins for reinventing yourself to compete and for making an old classic mainstream again.
PS- The prices are unbeatable. And my secret obsession that once was Starbucks has been changed. I LOVE ME MY DUNKINS!

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