Melanie Jeanne

Fall 2009

It is officially Fall. It is not Fall here in AZ quite yet. But, it is technically Fall.
So, here it is… My first official Fall blog post. The weather has cooled some, about 15 degrees – though we still have warm days and our cool days are warmer than most hot days. But, by all accounts and measures it is fall. Football has begun and the holidays are approaching. I am looking forward to cooler weather and holiday decorations to be hung, chili to be made and sweatshirts to break out from the back of the closet. I’ve given the good ol’ blog a bit of a fresh look (though it may change again in the very near future) and the table is dressed in my fall candles and place mats.
If you have the pleasure of living somewhere cool, where the seasons are obvious, right here and right now I envy you. I would love to see the leaves change color and the crisp air whip my hair around during a spontaneous breeze…
But, such is life, I live in Arizona… a state that sees no major climate changes and experiences no earth shattering weather either… I am grateful, however, I just want it to cool down.

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