Melanie Jeanne

Heart of the Matter


Emotional constitution, basic disposition, or character.
One’s prevailing mood or current inclination.
Capacity for sympathy or generosity; compassion.
Love; affection.
Courage; resolution; fortitude.


Why do our hearts and our heads collide? Why do they disagree? Why is it that ones heart can break? Let me start this by saying that my dear loved ones are all wonderful. My husband is happy, healthy and perfectly magnificent. My family is the dearest thing to me…
But, I never realized friendship can so easily break your heart to bits.
Friends, I have found, are our chosen family. It is those people that we intentionally dedicate time to for better or for worse, but not because of blood line or a commitment on a piece of paper through Gods eyes. Friends are those people that we find joy surrounding ourselves with and those people that we open up to because we want to. They are the people that see us in our true light and that we trust with our hearts and heads with what feels like no additional strings attached. They are the people that fill the holes where family is not present. They make you laugh when you hurt the most and they hold you when you cry for no reason at all. So, it seems so very possible that a simple change in friendship can easily break ones heart. A simple adjustment to the routine, to the communication, to the expectations once had and the current ones now set, can indeed break ones heart.
My friends are those people that fill my heart. They fill my voids. They see me with all my imperfections and they love me all the same. Today I am missing a dear friend…

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