Melanie Jeanne

Peace & Quiet

Peace & Quiet…
I don’t think I ever even had a concept of what that meant until now. Until now peace and quiet were both bad words in my vocabulary. Growing up as a child, prior to my parents divorce, there wasn’t much laughter and child-like play in our house. We were sent to our room and punished to quiet when a fight would happen (dictated by my father). We were never to be too rowdy or too spirited. This lead to my need to fill silence with words and music alike. Never comfortable with quiet, always filling the empty space.
Over the course of the past year I’ve found a comfort with peace & quiet I never knew even existed, let alone, I would like. Of course, knowing me, you know I talk – a lot. But, that being said, there are moments in my life where I enjoy the silence. The lack of words. The lack of need for noise. There are moments where I would love to turn the world off, sit in silence and ponder my thoughts.
I think this new found ability to enjoy the peace and quiet in a moment is directly related to growing up, building confidence in myself, realizing that I am just fine in my own skin.
I like that…

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