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Happy 2010 to all… May this year bring magic, love, laughter and dreams come true to all!!
Some New Years Resolutions:
* Do things that make me happy * Enjoy all moments * Slow down * Work hard and set goals * Accomplish said goals that have been set * Blog more * Love with my whole heart * Continue to eat food I enjoy *
Some New Years Announcements:
Well, there really aren’t some announcements, rather just one big one, but that being said, there are little ones too… T continues to work hard and as of January 1 is now the Editor of 5 weekly papers, just three short years ago it all started with one, grew to 3 and now has expanded to 5. My job continually excites me and with one year down I look forward to what 2010 will bring to our little growing company. My family is happy and healthy; with three beautiful nieces, two handsome nephews growing like weeds and 7 other nieces and nephews nearly full grown adults, we are a full little family. Lucky and Zoe are still our little stinkers, but gosh are they cute, lovable and aging into two spectacular dogs. And finally… mid way through 2010 our family of 2 will grow to 3. T and I are expecting our first child this coming year. After months of letting the little baby bake, we are now able to announce with complete joy and excitement that there will be a little him and me entering the world. 🙂 To keep people up on the joy and events of this adventure I have started the blog “Baby T and Me“. The posts may be limited, but the journey will be a wonderful one.
A wonderful, happy, healthy and adventurous 2010 to all!!!

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  1. lisa

    January 2, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! It is truly the most incredible time in your life- savor every moment! It really does fly by!

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