Melanie Jeanne

Baby Avery Grace

And her bedroom has been determined… It’s going to be simple and girlie and I found it at Target. Liberty of London for Target is my absolute new favorite brand effort. I love the sweet florals and the bold colors. Her room is going to be a mish mash of all patterns provided.
It is simple and quite reasonably priced and I am thrilled to make the purchases necessary to piece the room together.

Currently there are printed crates for the books shelf and throw pillows for the chaise lounger. The bedding has been ordered online and a Target run will take place tomorrow to see if the frames and piggy bank shown online are truly in store. I would like to get those and make her little room magical.

When I started this mommy journey I could not decide. I did not want to theme her room, I did not want the typical babies bedroom either. I started wanting sock monkeys and the feeling faded as grey/brown and red only was a little overwhelming. Then I moved on to lady bugs, but felt the theme would become too much. I pondered a quilt for a while with numbers, trees, lady bugs and flowers incorporated, but it still felt childish & themed… Finally, it all started with a printed crate. I fell in love with the bold colors and the bright pattern. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted her room to be a mish mash of color, pattern and texture. Since finding this beautiful collection at Target I have fulfilled the goal of mish mashing colors and patterns, textures will have to come in another form. For the first time I am truly excited to create her room.

I am happy.

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