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Etsy Love

I’VE DONE IT!!! I’VE BECOME A FAN!!! I’ve fallen in love with Etsy and specifically Charm Addiction…


And, I suggest all my blogging buddies take a gander at their offerings: Charm Addiction
I was looking for a sweet little gift, a personalized charm for a friend who had just had a baby. And I was coming up blank. Everywhere I was looking the pricing was high and the offerings were limited. I took a moment to ask a co-worker who always seems to have her pulse on the hippest, hottest items and where to find them for a little bit of help. No sooner had I asked then my inbox had an email with a link to this Etsy page. I browsed, got to chatting with the ladies at Charm Addiction and completed my first piece.
I have to admit, Etsy intimidated me at first. Though many many women I know use and love the little site, it scared me. I did not understand the customization process, nor did I understand the purchase process. Overall, for me, it was not initially user friendly. Well, then I pulled up my boot straps and I faced my buying fear. I started the process and I could not be more pleased with the results.
The ladies at Charm Addiction are far too sweet. They took the time to customize my purchased piece exactly as I had asked. They were in quick and frequent communication. They held my hand through the initial process. And honestly, I would rather buy custom items from awesome women than seek out a customizable piece at major store.
The gift that was given will never be replicated. The handcrafted nature of the item cannot be duplicated. The passion placed in the craftsmanship cannot be found in stores. And my experience… magnificent. I know my new “GO TO” for personalized goodies for the women I love.

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