Melanie Jeanne

New Office, New Oddities

So, we’ve moved… What once used to feel like an enormous space with far too many desks and a wall of tables and bean bag chairs has gotten too small. Once numbering in at the 8th and newest employee, I am pleased to say, I am no longer the newest employee and our company number has increased to 50 in just one short year. So, the need for the new space is obvious.

We went from a space where we had two in-office bathrooms that the boys and girls shared to a massive office space in a corporate building with a bathroom for the floor… So, the previous space was always questionable. There were always moments of frustration when you really had to go and all (the whole 2 of them) the loos were full. There were frustrations in regard to tidiness… All in all, we could not wait to move.

But, since the move… there are oddities. Though the boys and girls no longer share bathroom space, we are learning just how interesting sharing with an entire floor is.
1. Without fail, once a day, I am using the loo and there is a lady on the phone in the stall next to me carrying on as if it is normal to chat while going potty. Not strange in some instances, very strange in a public restroom.
2. Women are just as messy as men. Toilet paper on the floor, paper towels dropped at the door. Stinky stalls. AND just the other day, a chewed on piece of gum was just chillin’ on the counter top.
3. THE CRAZIEST THING I HAVE SEEN YET… The space within the stall where the swinging door and the frame meet…. there is a gap… Well, people wrap the gap with toilet paper. CRAZY… First; I have absolutely no reason to want to look into a stall someone is occupying. Second; the time in which it takes an individual to wrap said stall, my potty break experience is complete. Third; pick a stall with less of a gap. Fourth; stop wasting toilet paper on your own fears, insecurities and poor choice in stalls.

That is all. Not much more to say… The grass is green, but seems in this case it is no greener on the other side. And it was not so horrible previously.

As a quick side note, the new office space is absolutely gorgeous. The location is supreme. And of course… my co-workers are spectacular still.

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