Melanie Jeanne

Twix Fix

Dear Pregnancy Gods… Please explain my need for a Twix Fix…
It happens nearly everyday around 2-2:30pm. It is snack time at the good ‘ol office. Or as we lovingly call it… Sundry time. A time in which a couple of us run to the Campus Corner and grab a mid day snack. As of late, my mid-day snack/treat of choice has been Twix candy bars… For no in-particular reason I am loving me some good ‘ol yummy twix bars.
I enjoy the chocolate, the cookie crisp and the caramel filling. Yep, they’re good. So good so, that I mention my new love for the treat probably once a day. Odd thing is, never really loved them before. Now I enjoy them once a day too many.
Any suggestions on a sweet treat or any treat for that matter that will not pack on the pounds. Actually, at this point any advice on how to fill cravings and an appetite without packing on the pounds would be LOVED… Not that I am complaining, well I suppose I am a tinge, but the little love bug has created swelling and fat where I never knew possible and though she is a little miracle, I can now say… I loved me just the way I was and I look forward to enjoying that body again some day. Just want to slow the train now… First order of business… Stop eating Twix daily.
I suppose that’s at least a start…

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