Melanie Jeanne

1 Month

Boy do I love my little lady. Today we celebrated 1 month of life. We wore a cutie dress, mommy bought cupcakes (mommy, daddy and the grandparents ate) and we took photos to mark the occasion. In the one month of her life I have learned so many things about myself, life and my little girl. I cannot believe how much I have learned from my little lady. She is the greatest gift of my life and I thank God for blessing me with such a beautiful soul.

Things I’ve learned…
1. Love truly is unconditional.
2. A mother’s heart continues to grow… It might be the largest thing within my body
3. Joy can be found in the simplest of moments with a child
4. Guilt, sadness and love all co-exist within a mother
5. Birth and learning a newborn teaches a woman her own strength
6. Laundry is never done
7. Chores are no longer optional
8. Getting ready is quite the process with a newborn (it currently takes us nearly 3 hours from start to finish, once everyone is fed and bathed and we are packed up and ready to leave. I must work on this)
9. Sleep becomes a love/hate relationship
10. Parents quickly learn their child’s sounds and scents
11. Time flies
12. I could not adore another human more…
13. Alone time takes on a whole new meaning
14. Working out and eating are lifting a car seat and snacking on almonds
15. Love truly is unconditional.

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  1. Ky •

    August 18, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Oh, Avery's so sweet.

    And it looks like the festivities REALLY tuckered her out. 🙂

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