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Chicken Tacos

Thank heavens for big sisters. My older sister is truly the only reason there are home cooked meals in our house. She has introduced me to so many wonderful meals and I love that she has shared the recipes so that I can adopt them in my own home.

Last night was taco night. In the past T and I would make ground beef tacos. But, they would always feel heavy, dry out and the left-overs would go to waste… Who reheats taco meat? Not us (though we are kind of bad at reheating anything). That all being said, I truly enjoy trying my family recipes, learning them and building them into our eating routine. So, my mom and I took a road trip to the sisters and enjoyed a home cooked meal … CHICKEN TACOS

They were so good. So So So GOOD. They were light. They were yummy. They were comforting. The tortillas were delicious and the chicken was so tasty I could eat it alone, with a fork and maybe gobs of cheese. Best part, my sis taught me how to pull together this fabulous meal. And second best part, it is easy to make. Once I got home I could not stop thinking about these tacos. I wanted them that night, the next night. I wanted these chicken tacos every night. And after satisfying my craving I know I could eat them nearly every night. SO DELICIOUS. Also, the beauty of the meat, once cooked it remains moist and is easily saved. And where ground beef is dry and not easily mixed into new recipes, the chicken can be saved and put on a salad, in a quesadilla, as another taco… It just works…

– 1 roast chicken from the grocery store
– seasoning to taste
– vegetable oil
– taco toppings as desired
– corn tortillas

Pull chicken apart and place in skillet, add water and seasoning to taste. Toss until fully mixed and warm. Water keeps the chicken moist so don’t add too much or add more as needed.
Put vegetable oil in separate skillet and warm for use. Place corn tortillas into oil to moisten and warm. To make hard shells, keep in oil longer and shape.
Top and eat…

Easy isn’t it? And so delicious! Enjoy and THANK YOU SISTER.

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