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I must say… the excitement is overwhelming. The joy of that what was growing in my belly was delivered healthy and happy is overwhelming. And the joy of being able to get back to the old is a wonderful treat. As stated in a previous post, I had a love/hate relationship with pregnancy. Still do, might always. That being said, the little munchkin is well worth the internal struggle.

I recently went to the doc and the doc indicated that I am able to get back to all my old routines. I was able to eat what I wanted as of July 1st and have indulged in all my favorite cheeses – blue, feta, goat… MMMM, YUMMY. I was able to drink what I wanted the moment I stopped breast feeding – wheat beer, a glass of wine with dinner, a cocktail out with friends. And finally, I am now able to workout. I am able to get back into the swing of things. I was walking here and there, but it is HOT here and outdoor activities should be limited to the pool, which I was not yet allowed to enter. I am thrilled. I am overjoyed. I am planning in my head and have to decide which workout path to take. I do not have a gym membership, though I love classes such as spinning, yoga & Pilate’s. I have heard that P90X is awesome, but I do not have the discs. I was thinking of looking into a mommies boot camp, however, fitting it into the schedule around two jobs and Avery’s routine seems questionable as there are set times for boot camps. So… I am still pondering. And so excited to get moving…

As for rest and relaxation. I am a lucky mom who has a very peaceful daughter. She takes her daily naps, enjoys her nighttime routine and sleeps roughly 8 hours a night now. I am getting my rest, keeping sane and loving the cuddles from my little baby. Life is good, really good!

***Unfortunately for Avery and I, it was not a successful effort. We had two wonderful weeks of pumping and bottle feeding. And, yes, I was riddled with guilt the day we stopped and days following as I know breast is best. I wished for the bond and the positive impact on her health… As for us it was not meant to be.


  1. lisa

    August 17, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    Don't beat yourself up with the guilt…I was one of those that tried so hard to pump/breastfeed-but it just didn't work it for me. I felt terrible because everyone (including Dr.'s) made me feel that it was the ONLY choice really. But the minute that I let go of the guilt and realized I was doing what was right for US, I felt tremendously better at being a good mom!

    What a good sleeper you have! 🙂
    Enjoy and good luck with your workout plan…I'm in the process of starting my own workout change in my world too!

  2. Ky •

    August 18, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Lisa just wrote what I was going to write: DON'T YOU DARE BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT BREASTFEEDING.

    Sister, beautiful friend – you are a fabulous Mommy. And here's the most important thing: Avery has a loving, kind, nurturing Mommy. THAT, my dear friend, is what is most important.

    And dear friend, BIG YAY! for starting to feel like yourself again. It certainly is a journey.


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