Melanie Jeanne

All Is Right

When I hold my baby girl… All is right in the world. When I watch her sleep I am at peace. When I hear her breathe I am empowered by her strength. When I see her smile my heart overflows. When I watch her think I am excited about the adventures her life will take, the lessons she will learn, the education she will seek. When I sing to her and she smiles I fill with a sense of accomplishment and joy, her love for music, even my voice, is exciting. When I bathe her and see her relax I am happy that she can find complete peace. While I feed her and we stare into one another’s eyes I am filled with a connection no one can sever. When we rock out in the car to music, when we watch musicals, when we dance around the house I am filled with overflowing joy. When she coos as she sleeps and dreams I grin from ear to ear knowing her life’s experiences are shaping her imagination. When I am not near her I imagine how she is doing, what she is doing.
Avery has made my life magical… Thank you Doodle.

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