Melanie Jeanne

Challenge Delayed

A few posts back I indicated that I had made a bet and that I was going to begin this next challenge in my life on September 1st. Well, the challenge has been delayed, but not cancelled. I have a lovely co-worker that had lent me her “ripped” copies of P90X. Well, the first disc doesn’t even work…
Last night after work I headed to target to invest in pull-up bar as this morning was meant to be “DAY 1” of this physical challenge and ultimate bet. However, after fully psyching myself up for about an hour this morning, I popped the disc in and was completely saddened by the result… DISC ERROR.
So, instead of relying on others and delaying the inevitable, I invested in myself… I hopped on the P90X website and bought the set. In 5-7 business days I will be the proud owner/user of the discs and this workout. I think I will start the Saturday after I receive it since I would like to rest on Friday’s. I look forward to reading the pamphlet, reviewing the workouts and investing in myself.
Silly as it seems… I cannot wait for the next 5-7 business days to be complete.

*** I am certain once this adventure begins, my blogging buddies, you will be reading updates.

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