Melanie Jeanne

Style. What’s That?

I am trying to define my style. Find my style. Determine my style…

I don’t think I have “style”. I feel I am a simple plane Jane individual. I find joy and comfort in my jeans, tanks and flips. I wear my cozies around the house all the time. And at work I can settle into my simple style routine as we are a casual environment. And though I want to stay true to the core of me, I sure do want to brighten up my wardrobe.
After 9 months of pregnancy, in which I spent the majority of my time in my jammies or the same 5 or 6 outfits/dresses (I did not believe in purchasing much clothes as I did not want to own the fat stage of my life). And after 2 months of getting used to this new body of mine and gearing up to get back in shape, I am ready. Ready to decide what the look will be, what my style will be. I am certain I will always stick to my tried and true jeans, tanks and flips. But, I believe that I need to extend my accessory pool. Making my good ol’ tanks and flips a bit more interesting with jewelry.
I’ve found a gem of a site,, where jewelry is a plenty and the style is ever hip. Much of what they offer has been displayed in magazines and on celebrities. I am not one to mimic my style after celebrities, but the site is hip & the more simple styles are right up my alley. I especially enjoy the charm section in which I am certain I will build a necklace that is a tribute to little miss.
Beyond staying true to myself and trying to spice up my look a little bit, I am quite content to stay simple, classic and pop in some hip little treats.

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